Marbles are materials known for their unparalleled aesthetics and time value because of their design. They are divided in categories such as crystalline marbles, dolomite marbles, conglomerate marbles etc. judging by their content and their virtues. Because of their natural origin marbles can’t be always perfect because problems like erosion and absorption may appear. Although, there is a wide variety of marbles all over the world. There are tough and mild marbles, absorbent and non-absorbent, durable and nondurable. Their selection and their ornamental configuration for each project are not a simple case as they are based on a combination of various factors. Nowadays, thanks to technological improvement it is created a wide variety of liquids for surface impregnation, erosion, protection, smoothing and preservation of marbles and other stones.

Our company takes into consideration all these factors and we are capable of helping you on the selection and configuration of each material according to your needs. Thanks to the great variety of Greek and imported marbles we create floors, stairs, windows, fireplace coverings, building cladding, fireplaces, monuments, counter-tops, tables , swimming pools.